Eye area

This sensitive area of the skin needs a targeted solution

The skin around the eye area is different from other facial skin and needs products formulated to its specific needs. The skin is more delicate and susceptible to puffiness and broken capillaries, resulting in dark under-eye circles and early fine line development.

Esse chooses ingredients that are effective at addressing these concerns, while being gentle on this sensitive area of skin.

Targeted products

Ask your therapist for a bespoke solution for your skin’s needs.

Lifestyle Considerations

Your lifestyle can make a difference to your skin

  • Avoid rubbing the eye area as the delicate skin is more susceptible to damage. Dab product on rather than rubbing it in.
  • Ensure that any moisturising product you apply has been formulated for the eye area. Eye area skin absorbs product very effectively and strong preservatives and other harmful ingredients can cause damage.
  • Use a specially formulated eye cleanser to remove make-up or to cleanse the eye area, when necessary. Remove eye make-up with gentle motions, avoid using pressure when removing eye make-up.
  • Take a good quality omega supplement with at least 600 mg of long chain omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).
  • Supplement your diet with foods rich in niacin (Vitamin B3) – sweet potatoes, butternut squash, okra, corn, peas, parsnip, winter squash and pumpkins are all good sources.
  • Ensure you follow a proper sleep routine – insufficient sleep can contribute to the formation of bags and dark circles under the eyes.