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For the past two decades, we have been producing industry-leading skincare products with significant anti-ageing benefits. With more people choosing brands that believe in sustainability and show real results, we have been welcoming new customers daily. And it’s understandable that our new customers will come with lots of questions, which is why we’ve compiled this FAQ! Read on to find out everything you need to know about Esse.

Q1: Which Esse products are safe to use during pregnancy?

All Esse retail products are safe to use during pregnancy. We generally recommend avoiding body treatments that have a stimulating effect, so avoid body treatments that incorporate the Body Exfoliator, Detox Body Mask, Hand & Foot Exfoliator and the Hand & Foot Mask, but your trained therapists will advise you of this when booking an Esse treatment.

Q2: Why do you recommend that the live probiotic products are only used in combination with other Esse products?

Esse products are designed to work synergistically. This means that all our products are developed to contribute to a positive shift in the skin microbiome. Other products might contain ingredients that will negatively impact the skin microbiome such as preservatives, alcohol or parfum – all of which will kill live microbes. So, using live probiotic products in combination with other main-stream products may negate the benefits of the live probiotics.

Q3: Why are some Esse products in jars instead of in an airtight pump?

We prefer glass and have formulated our products accordingly. We try to use as little plastic as possible, even if it is approved by EcoCert. In some instances, we have chosen plastic, but this would be where we deem it necessary for the products to be carried around more regularly.

Q4: Is your packaging sustainable?

As a certified organic brand, all packaging needs to meet the standards set by EcoCert. Esse prefers glass because it is indefinitely recyclable, but also does not leach into the finished product as some plastics can. In landfill, glass is also inert. Any plastics we do use are easily recyclable and clean from a leaching viewpoint. We are constantly looking for greener, cleaner options and are trying to reduce the amount of packaging and single use plastic where possible.

Q5: Do I need to keep the Esse range in the fridge once opened?

This is not necessary, even for the Esse products containing live probiotics. The bacteria are stable at 25˚C for 18 months. Refrigeration will increase the life of the product though.

Q6: Are there any differences between the probiotics one can eat and those in skincare?

Yes, there are. Our relationship with microbes is intricate and each one co-exists with us to occupy a specific niche and perform a beneficial function that makes us happy to host them. It is a partnership that must work both ways. Because our gut and skin perform different functions, the microbes that reside in each space are different. In fact, microbial populations differ significantly between different skin areas too. It is a little like biomes on the planet – deserts and forests host completely different plants and animals. The microbes that exist under your arms are very different from those that exist on your hands, and even more different from those in your gut.

Q7: Why does Esse use Lactobacillus?

We use four species that are widely distributed in nature … in plants, soil and in the human body.

  • They produce Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic Acid which help to moisturise skin and maintain its acid pH.
  • They are tolerant to the high salt and acid pH conditions of skin.
  • They produce bacteriocins that are selectively toxic to pathogens.
  • They are the first microbes that would normally colonise skin as they are the dominant microbes in the vaginal tract.

Q8: What qualifies Esse as a sustainable natural beauty brand?

Esse is passionate about looking at the bigger picture which is why the range is centred on sustainability:

  • The range is certified organic to COSMOS standards by EcoCert.
  • The range is cruelty free, administered by Beauty Without Cruelty.
  • The range is vegan, accredited by the vegan society in the UK.
  • The range is fair-trade in that a very large percentage of the ingredients we used are purchased through programmes that ensure the fair remuneration of rural people for the collection of plant material, as well as sustainable harvesting to ensure an ongoing income and healthy plant populations.
  • Esse audits its carbon emissions on an annual basis and offsets any extra carbon load by investing in programs that actively sequester carbon from the environment.
  • The range is plastic neutral. We calculate all the plastic we use and then purchase an equivalent or higher amount of kgs back by partnering with Cleanhub. This assists local communities to setup small businesses while removing plastic from our oceans.
  • In terms of health benefits, Esse is organic and microbiome-friendly to ensure no long-term health risks.

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